The Process

Whether you need an experienced team, a professional to develop a project, or a combination of both; ECOSI can develop a KPO contract to meet your needs.


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We would like to know your needs.

Acknowledging and understanding customer needs is at the center of every successful business, whether it sells directly to individuals or other companies. Feel free to tell us everything; we are here to help you!


Our Proposal

We will submit our proposal.

Your company can be part of the selection of the contract personnel, and the assignment and supervision will be managed by your company as well,
but ECOSI will manage all the contractual relationship.
In other words, ECOSI becomes the HR department for your contract employees, and at the same time ECOSI provides the physical facility and tools (computer, software, etc.) in which they perform the assignment.



We will be working on your project.

Working in real-time is essential to be part of your team. This interaction is done through cloud services, phone calls, and email. Which allow us to refine standards and performance according to your specific needs. Meetings can be scheduled whenever you think is best, at no cost!



We will send you the final deliverable.

You can choose the how: using a cloud (OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox) or sending email as you require (Daily and weekly).



Once finalized ECOSI will maintain contact with your company. We know that markups and turnarounds are intrinsic to the AEC industry processes, don't hesitate to contact us back for further help or feedback.

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